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My New Website Now What>Get Going

So you have a website-what now? Well the website is not going to go there and sell itself it needs input and constancy.

You have to make it work yourself. Or get someone else to do the marketing and donkey work.

You know how donkey’s work works-it’s slow and laborious, but you get there eventually.

If you really want to invest in your business you could put 1 or 2 hundred a month into Google adds.

Word of mouth and social media work but it needs to be regular and you have to be committed. With phones nowadays it’s easy to engage with social media.

Make it humorous-genuine-authentic the usual.

You could do competitions. Get business cards with the site on it.

Know a website is static in all its fluidity virtualness.

Google offfer these online courses which are mighty handy but really who has the time! If you have a couple of hours a week give them go.

You could try one.

Everything is about numbers which revolve around sales your an author-an electrician-a doctor you have to sell yourself and your website analytics will tell you targets-behaviour-location-tracking etc.

It won’t happen just like that-you must make it happen.

Off you go!

Oh and remember your laptop- your mobile-your pc are aimed at you so everything is cached on your device- meaning it stores your info so you WILL see your site at the top.

NO it’s at the bottom on other people’s devices.

Best place to check where you are on the page is to go to your local web hub or library put in your business then you will see.

Off you go!

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Access you Personal Settings on WordPress

Personal Settings

The first tab, titled My Profile allows you to edit your First NameLast NamePublic Display Name and also has an About Me section.
There, you can also add profile links, which will be displayed as part of your profile.

This is what other users see online so think about it.

Everything can be changed,added or deleted it’s up to you

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Images and graphics where to get them

Easily Add Graphics to Your Content

Great images and illustrations are crucial to generating viewer interest and engagement with your site. However, unless you’re a professional photographer or designer, finding fresh, interesting graphics to add to your text can be difficult. Luckily, there are sites online that offer great visual content that can be easily added to your site.


Unsplash features free, copyright-free, high-resolution photos. They post 10 new photos every 10 days, so you won’t run out of great images for your content. You can subscribe to the site to get alerts when they post new images, too.


Like Unsplash, Picjumbo offers free photos to use with your content. There is a new photo posted every day, and you can subscribe to their newsletter to stay on top of new offerings.


This content site, NVD3.js, may have a strange name, but it has great content. Need a chart for your article or blog? NVD3.js gives you a plethora of pre-made graphs you can customize with your data. You’ll need to know a little about coding to use this site, though.


Lettering.JS is a jQuery plug-in that allows you to create your own graphic text, kerning type, logos and more. If you ever wanted to jazz up your content’s text, this is the tool to use.


Trying to explain what your town would look like with a few adjustments? Decided to map out your next road trip? Want to illustrate what the Union would look like if France never sold the United States all that land? If so, Mapbox can help. This tool helps you create the map of your dreams and post it with your content.

Flat Icons

Elegant Themes offers 384 flat icons you can download for free. All you have to do is press the download button, and all of the icons are at your fingertips in just seconds.

Meme Generator

Okay, infographics are hot right now, but nothing can beat the meme when it comes to graphics popularity. You can create your own meme to fit any occasion using the Meme Generator. It allows you to edit already popular memes to fit your needs, or you can make one from scratch. Don’t feel like making or editing a meme? Just use one that someone else created (with attribution, of course).


Clip art may be the old stand-by for graphics, but it’s never gone out of style.Openclipart offers thousands of images that you can download and use. There’s everything from cartoon bunnies to drawings of sticks and everything in-between.

Text got you down? Take any or all of these tools out for a test drive, and you’ll never have boring content again.