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How to connect mobile to TV via Smart View

You may have images and videos, documents and emails on your Samsung mobile that you would like to see on a big screen then the smart view feature on your mobile allows you do this.

It mirrors all of the content on your mobile to your TV.



SEO for startups from Maile in under 10

For you to make a site that reacts with the flux get blogging and sync your blog with social media. WordPress on the insert media page now include a Youtube add button, Twitter and Facebook. This is a hint. On the friendliest terms use your blog as you would talking to a stranger.

You wouldn’t start I bind books do you need a book bound. I’m a gardener here’s my card call me.

No, it’s all about intro,chatting and a laugh. Let the business flow from the relationship. Don’t make it tedious and spam like. People get when there is a fake on board pushing PR or Marketing or other slaes pitches.

People forget that behind the name is a person so be gracious,have decorum don’t get pulled in to haranguing and slanging life’s too short.

Pretend you are at a cocktail party, a night in the pub, a house party enjoy spreading the word unobtrusively.


You need SEO (search engine optimisation) Why?

Why do you need it and how can you DIY it?. Input,Input,Input.

Although your website appears static it is not. It is in constant flux being hit from all angles in WWW.

But why do you need SEO? Because WWW is your virtual garden: go out and play.


SEO stands for Shrewd, Effort, Organised, Patience, Constancy, Time

SEO stands for Shrewd, Effort, Organised, Patience, Constancy and Timeseo


So watch out for to those who promise otherwise.

That’s it in a nutshell. so…Be sure to understand where the money goes.While Google never sells better ranking in their search results, several other search engines combine pay-per-click or pay-for-inclusion results with their regular web search results.
Some SEOs will promise to rank you highly in search engines, but place you in the advertising section rather than in the search results. A few SEOs will even change their bid prices in real time to create the illusion that they “control” other search engines and can place themselves in the slot of their choice.
This scam doesn’t work with Google because their advertising is clearly labeled and separated from their search results, but be sure to ask any SEO you’re considering which fees go toward permanent inclusion and which apply toward temporary advertising AND AGAIN………


So watch out for to those who promise otherwise.