SEO for startups from Maile in under 10

For you to make a site that reacts with the flux get blogging and sync your blog with social media. WordPress on the insert media page now include a Youtube add button, Twitter and Facebook. This is a hint. On the friendliest terms use your blog as you would talking to a stranger.

You wouldn’t start I bind books do you need a book bound. I’m a gardener here’s my card call me.

No, it’s all about intro,chatting and a laugh. Let the business flow from the relationship. Don’t make it tedious and spam like. People get when there is a fake on board pushing PR or Marketing or other slaes pitches.

People forget that behind the name is a person so be gracious,have decorum don’t get pulled in to haranguing and slanging life’s too short.

Pretend you are at a cocktail party, a night in the pub, a house party enjoy spreading the word unobtrusively.

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