Difference between Pages Posts

page postJust something to remember when you are working on the back end of a site what you do is not going to be the same as when you log out and see the site.

i.e. when you add a contact page you will see your name as the details, when you log out the tabs are clear of formatting. People get confused by this:so logout to see how your site really looks.


The advantages of a post is it is live. There is nothing to hinder your creativity. You just write add media and on to the next post. It is a stream of unconsciousness sometimes regrettably subconsciousness but mostly consciousness.

Yes some people have it set up to publish into the future,that’s ok takes the pressure off. Others have contributors.

If you keep a blog make it  regular, consuming, exciting, informative, unique  and not like the rest. don’t be afraid to be different be yourself.  Same but different. Be regular pleeese.

The advantages of a page is it is there. Constant, available, telling,static. No changes necessary unless you need to update it.

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